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9 Not-Too-Nerdy Post-Prom Party Ideas

Looking for something fun to do after prom to make the magic last? Check out these ideas. All of them are great for a group of couples, but they’re also perfect both to get past that “did he book a hotel room” quandary and if you either went to prom solo or ended up ditching your date (or being ditched). Plan ahead for a fun place to go and something equally fun to do. We dreamed up 9 ideas—in alphabetical order—but we’ll bet you can come up with even more!

1. Beachfront Bonfire

Summer’s on the horizon, but it can still get chilly at night so why not light a fire after the fire of prom night? You can snuggle with your date or share a blanket with your BFFs, and it’s a great alternative to even more dancing.

  • Intimate Alternative: If your group is smaller, gather around someone’s backyard fire pit. Stick to S’mores, hot dogs on sticks and other outdoor-only snacks, then dump everything in the garbage can on your way out. Then nobody’s house will get wrecked, and you won’t get that day-after-prom “clean this up right now” from the parents!

2. Bizarre Bowling Challenge

We do not mean your ordinary bowling match. Bowl blindfolded, backward, between your legs, and especially with your non-dominant hand and see who still wins.

  • One Big Plus: This is one time when, if you decide to bowl in your fancy dance clothes, choosing a short prom dress will come in handy!

3. Casino Night in a Roomy Basement

You can rent a table or two, everybody pitch in a few bucks to cover the rental and then set a cash limit of $5. The winner will go home with a big score—or make that person buy breakfast for the entire crowd! You can also just hang out when you’re dealt out, listen to music, dance some more, or just chill and savor the thrill of a fabulous evening.

4. Franchise Movie Marathon

Vote on a film franchise series—Friday the 13th, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Harry Potter, Twilight, whatever you like—then see how many you can watch before everybody falls asleep. The “winner” makes a run for coffee and donuts.

5. Garage Band Gig

OK, well, maybe an unplugged gig—this will be late at night, remember. But if you or your friends are in a musical group, why not let them take the stage and entertain?

  • Silly fun: Add some karaoke…if you dare!

6. Kitchen Kraze

Don’t just go out to eat—make your own eats. Choose DIY pizzas, tacos, and fresh baked cookies if the guys are included. But if it’s just you and your BFFs, go all Emeril and make something fancy that you’ve always wanted to try.

7. Lip-Sync Talent Show

No talent required—just imagination and courage! You could collect “props” like hats and oversized sunglasses, maybe a feather boa. And if you know what you want to do ahead of time, take a low-key “costume” and prepare a dance routine (but please—no twerking, OK?!)

8. Outdoor “Drive” In Movie

Get a projector and either rent a huge screen or use the blank wall of somebody’s house. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, picnic baskets and rent a popcorn machine.

9. Video Game Binge

This is one night when you won’t hear, “Shut that thing off and do your homework/chores/give it a rest already!” It’s also one thing you can beat your date at without him feeling “less of a man” especially if you chose throwback games like Mario Brothers.

Final Tip: Plan Your After Prom Outfit, too!

You’ll spend hours—if not days or weeks—picking the perfect prom dress. Put just as much thought into what you’ll wear to the after-prom party. If you’re going in your fancy duds, pack a pair of glitter Converse or cowboy boots. If it’s casual at someone’s house, pack a bag with your comfiest jeans, prettiest top, and definitely some statement jewelry.

You can also make a playlist ahead of time so you can chill out to the tunes you like best while you’re reliving the best (or worst!) night of your life.

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