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Fun Homecoming Corsage Ideas + DIY Tutorials – Sparkle Prom Fashion Blog

Out with big fat chrysanthemums—today’s Homecoming Corsage Ideas are all about ribbons, silk flowers, jewelry, stickers, staples…and glue guns!

Check out these ideas, everything from over the top Texas mum corsage to understated traditional retro wrist corsage. We even found a great his & hers corsage & boutonniere set to support your baseball team!

You’ll also find DIY instructions plus trivia on that wilder than wilder Texas tradition & how it got started.

Happy Homecoming!

Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Over the Top in Texas

Source: Pinterest

Click HERE and check out this photo series about these wild Texas mums: Mum – A Photo Series About the Texas Tradition of Elaborate Chrysanthemum Corsages


Mum for a Texas gymnast

From the series Mum

Source: laughingsquid.com



In Texas, if girls give their guys garters…so can you!

Source: laughingsquid.com



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Support your Favorite Sport

Source: Pinterest



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Wear a Barrette

Mum & Megaphone Cheerleader Barrette

Source: Pinterest



Over the Top Texas Mum Corsage

Source: Google


Click HERE to read about the Texas Mum Tradition:



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Mini-Texas Tutorial

Mini-Texas Mums and Tutorial!

Source: mommyupgrade.com


Click HERE for the tutorial: Mini Texas Homecoming Mums



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Mum & Streamers Wrist Corsage

Source: Pinterest



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Mum Garter

Source: Pinterest


Get more ideas HERE: delightfulheart.com



Homecoming Mum Finger Corsage:

Source: Pinterest



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: School Colors Wrist Corsage

Source: Pinterest



Add a Tiny Teddy

Source: Google



or a Sweet Angel Teddy

Source: Peachykeenmums.com



Tack a Tiger onto Your Guy’s Garter

Source: Peachykeenmums.com



Include a Photo of Your Date or BFF

Source: Pinterest



LED Light Homecoming Corsage!

Source: yestotexas.com



Source: yestotexas.com



Source: yestotexas.com


All the designs above are from this article: 12 Things Non-Texans Need to Know About Homecoming Mums



Homecoming Corsage Ideas: Spirit Rings

Source: Pinterest


Check out more spirit rings HERE: mumamia.com



Retro Homecoming Corsage Idea: Wear a LIVE Mum

Source: Pinterest



Wear One Big Mum on Your Wrist

Source: Pinterest



Here’s a gorgeous Traditional Spider Mum Wrist Corsage

Source: Pinterest



Want a keeper? Get a silk mum from Etsy

Source: Pinterest



A Homecoming Sash!

Only in Texas would they dare to wear this:

Source: Pinterest



Great Idea: Keep your Homecoming Corsage Simple & Donate the Dough

This Dallas school wore traditional flower mums and donated their over-the-top mum money to charity!

Traditional Football Mum Homecoming Wrist Corsage

Source: Pinterest



Fresh DIY Football Mum Homecoming Corsage

Source: designsponge.com


Click HERE for DIY directions for Single Flower Pin Corsage

Read about the fundraiser HERE: At Frisco High School, a Simpler Homecoming Mum



How To Make A Homecoming Mum

Source: Pinterest


Click HERE to find the full tutorial here: How To Make A Homecoming Mum



Great Advice for Homecoming Corsages:

·       “Like State, Like Tradition” (in Texas, the bigger, the better!)

·       DIY an original look

·       Be Different with different ribbon lengths & widths

·       Add a tiny picture

·       Bling, bling, bling!

·       Add words or numbers (your name, your date’s name, your graduating class)

·       Use fabric instead of ribbon

·       Instead of chains, make loops

·       Personalise a LOT!


Check out the full article HERE: 10 Ideas for Your Homecoming Mum


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