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Prom Gowns Perfect for a Pageant

As Pageant Center says, “Your pageant gown is your portrait.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. But which gown to pick? There are plenty of articles on how to choose the best dress to win in, but what you need from us is a selection of our perfectly priced prom dresses that will be perfect for your pageant.

Normal, Weird & Wild Prom Traditions

Since its conception, prom has been associated with dance, romance, and disappointed hearts—two of which being those who lost the chance to be prom king or queen (and didn’t even make it into the court), and those who either didn’t have a date and wished they did, or who did have a date only to break up on prom night.

Invited to an All-White Wedding? Wear your Prom Gown!

If you’re lucky enough to have been invited to a chic and classic all-white wedding, why not “think twice” and wear white to your prom?! No one will ever guess because we make our prom gowns out of the same comfortable, high-quality fabrics and high-end construction, and you’ll definitely love Sparkle Prom prices.