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How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress for You! – Sparkle Prom Fashion Blog

When it comes to today’s wide-range of Homecoming styles, How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress for You can be a real challenge.

The upside to a wide variety of styles is that you can pick almost any dress for homecoming and fit right in.

We’ve put together specific collections of Homecoming dresses in the 4 major style categories: Cute Baby Doll dresses, Modest Short dresses, Elegant Semi-Formal gowns, and Elegant but Casual dresses with soft ruffle accents.


How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress: Short & Sweet Baby Doll Dresses

Full-skirted Baby Doll dresses are made for the dance floor! They’re sweet and feminine and are perfect if you want to wait and choose a sophisticated, glamorous look for Prom.

This collection of dresses includes Baby Doll styles in chiffon, lace, tulle, and contrasting fabrics for the skirt and bodice.

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How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress: Short but Modest

For a dress you’ll definitely wear again, choose a short dress with a little more coverage.

They’re the perfect background for slightly more sophisticated makeup, and if you choose a simple design like chiffon, you can glam it up with bolder accessories.

You can also keep it simple and let the dress speak for you by choosing a fancier fabric like lace or a mix of lace and another fabric.

This collection also includes dresses in Baby Doll style but with a longer, more modest hemline.

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How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress: Semi-Formal Elegance

If you’ve got your heart set on homecoming queen since last year, you’ll want to dress the part!

You don’t need sparkles and beads in your dress, though. A dress with an elegant silhouette and a floor length hem is dressier and more formal without looking like a pageant gown.

If you choose a strapless sweetheart style, add some bling with statement jewelry and wear your hair up for a glamorous feel.

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How to Choose the Best Homecoming Dress: Elegant Dresses with a Casual Feel

Can’t decide between long and short, semi-formal or casual? Then choose a Homecoming dress with ruffles! The dresses in this collection are both toned down and upscale.

Choose a dress with a softly draped ruffle down the center front, a draped skirt with a softly ruffled look, or a dress with a simple ruffle around the hem.

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About our Colors:

Want a different color than you see in these dresses? Not to worry! All of our dresses are from the bridesmaid dress collection of our sister company, DaVinci Bridal, and are available in just about any color or color combination! This color chart gives you a starter idea of how much we have to offer:

For a closer and more accurate look, check out swatches at one of our DaVinci Bridal boutiques.
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