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Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends – Sparkle Prom Blog

Summer’s almost over so Homecoming’s right around the corner. Make the most of your magical night with one of these Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends!

Choosing the best homecoming dress doesn’t have to be a challenge, not with our top 7 2019 homecoming ideas with designs, styles & colors to fit every body type.


Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: Strapless Dresses

Always timeless, strapless dresses are also versatile. They’re elegant, glamorous & don’t restrict your arms. You’ll find strapless dresses in a wide range of silhouette styles, everything from fun & flirty baby doll designs with full skirts to sophisticated satin sheaths dressy enough for the most formal party.



Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: Pencil Skirt Styles

Pencil skirts are super sexy, even on pear shape figures! Just make sure the skirt part of your pencil homecoming dress fits correctly:

  • If the waistband feels like it’s digging into you but the rest of the dress fits, ask the seamstress to let out the waistband.
  • You want the skirt to fit close but not cling, so if you get horizontal wrinkles when you’re standing up, ask the seamstress to let out the side seams a little bit.
  • Make sure you can sit in the dress! Even if you like the length when you’re standing, if “everything shows” when you sit down, have the dress hemmed an inch or two longer.

Trust us: Nobody will notice a longer hem when you stand, but they will notice if you have to pull & tug every time you try to sit down. They won’t even see your gorgeous outfit because they’ll be too distracted with you trying to hide your undies!



Homecoming 2019 Dress Trends: Open Back & Backless Dresses

Just as on-trend as ever, open back & backless dresses show just enough skin to make you feel elegant and sexy. You can also choose different styles  in an open back dress:

  • A deep scoop back dress will frame your entire back.
  • A dress with a keyhole or cutout, either dramatic or more delicate, gives you a sexy peek-a-boo effect.
  • Cowl or draped back dresses are great if you want a backless look but also need to be able to wear a traditional bra.



Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: A-Line Designs

If there’s one style that’s “perfect for every body type” it’s A-line.

  • A-line style is a great choice if you’re just not sure what’s most flattering on you.
  • It gives an elegant fit at the bust & natural waistline.
  • A-lines are perfect if you’re self-conscious about your hips or tummy.
  • Dresses with an A-line cut give the illusion of height.
  • They can also create that “perfect” hourglass figure no matter what your body shape.



Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: V-Neck Dresses

V-neck dresses are just about the most flattering style ever! This design draws attention to your face & will make the most of either a knockout statement necklace or a great glitzy earring & bracelet set.

The best thing about V-neck dresses is that they’re just as gorgeous and sexy whether short & flirty, knee-length or hemmed even a little bit longer.



Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: One-Shoulder Styles

One-shoulder style dresses are a great compromise between a strapless dress and an off the shoulder style. The look is elegant & sophisticated, but still sexy and on-trend.

If you really want to show off those gorgeous collarbones or toned shoulders, choose a one-shoulder homecoming dress!



Homecoming 2019 Top Dress Trends: 2019’s Hottest Color … Red & Red Wine!

Maybe even better than bright red, 2019’s emphasis on deep red & other wine colors like burgundy & Merlot are truly feminine. These toned-down versions of red are still rich & saturated and will make you stand out in the homecoming crowd. But they also flatter a wider range of skin tones than a classic red dress.


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