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How to Choose Prom Shoes You Can Really Dance In

Even if you’re the quintessential wallflower, come prom night, you’ll be on the dance floor at least a few times, even if your date or your BFF has to drag you onto the floor. You also have to walk around a reasonable amount, so you might as well be comfortable. But because you also want to be stylish, here are a few rules and a few of the hottest styles of comfortable, danceable shoes for prom this year.

Cardinal Rule: Don’t Dance Out of Your Shoes!

It’s just not cool to walk into prom and kick off your shoes right away. By the end of the night a goodly portion of the crowd will be shoeless, but don’t start out that way. You also don’t want your gorgeous stiletto to slip off your foot and end up halfway across the floor. There are only a couple of rules to making sure your shoe stays firmly on your foot, and here they are:

  • Straps Even on Flats: Whether it’s a dainty ankle strap on a stiletto or a ballerina flat, or a full out Roman cage, a strap of some kind will keep your shoe on, guaranteed.
  • Pumps that Stay Put: You can get away with dancing in a strapless pump providing you choose a high enough toe box (meaning the shoe comes up a little higher on your foot) and also choose a heel shape that conforms to your heel and doesn’t just slide up and down. You can help your pumps stay put by tucking gel pads into the toes and heels—the kind of pads that are both comfortable and also nice and sticky.
  • Practical Platforms: Don’t choose a platform shoe more than 1-inch tall. Also, think twice before buying a platform shoe with a skinny stiletto heel. You’re more likely to totter out of them and break either the heel of the shoe or your ankle.

Ankle Strap Flats

And don’t you dare for one minute think that flats will be “boring. They’re adorable, and they go great with almost any dress—even a ball gown if the dress is hemmed correctly! Who could find these gorgeous Betsey Johnson flats dull?!

Chic Kitten Heels

You do not need sky high stiletto heels to have killer designer shoes. Kitten heels are super comfortable and give just a little more lift than a flat, so they’ll go with the slinkiest dress and still look great. Kitten heels are also kind on your calves and ankles.

Strappy Stilettos

The trick to a comfortable stiletto is to have a toe box that isn’t just one thin strap. Over time, that strap will cut into your foot. Choose a stiletto with a cute closed toe or, if you want to show off your pedicure, choose a shoe with at least a couple of straps to keep your foot in place.

Killer Cages

This is one shoe style that will stay on even if the heel is sky high. You can choose a closed toe, a little bit of a peep toe, or a darling toe strap.

Sneaks? Sure!

You have to be super confident, but if you pick a sneaker that’s outrageously unique, you can get away with it. Try glitter, patent leather, an animal print or texture, a hot color, or if you’re crafty, buy a plain pair of Converse and glam them up yourself.

Choose an edgy glam sneak like these:

Or go totally wild in a custom Converse print. Wear a simple white dress, these shoes, and paint a purse to match!

Chunky Platform Heel

When it comes to this style of shoe, there are really only two rules:

  • Keep the platform minimal: Don’t go more than a 1-inch platform, else you’re risking a twisted ankle.
  • Make sure the heel is placed correctly: To check this, set the shoe on a flat surface at eye level and have a really good look at the angle of the heel in relation to the sole of the shoe. You want a vertical heel—a perfect column—and you want it right under the heel of your foot. If the heel is too far forward or angles backward, you won’t feel stable, and you’re more likely to break off the heel halfway through the evening.

Closed Toe Stiletto Pump

Believe it or not, this is one shoe where you want the steep angle. Choose a shoe with a good arch support, so when you stand up in them, it feels like you’re “standing on your toes but with help.” You want to feel the arch firmly against the sole of your foot, and you want the heel to hug. A sticky gel pad in the heel will really help this out.

Glamorous Gladiator Sandal

The fact that you have to “zip yourself into” this style shoe is what will make it hold. You don’t necessarily have to have too much of a strap situation, although most zippered shoes have something. If you’re choosing a pair like this, make sure you can’t just “kick them off’ without unzipping the the back.

Chunky Heel Pump

These are a great choice because you get the benefit of longer looking legs and the support of a good solid heel.

Bedazzling Sandal

Especially if you live in a warm climate, while not go a little beachy with a decorated flat sandal? And the more bling on the thing, the better!

The Ultimate Dance Shoe: Dance Shoes!

Treat yourself to a pair of quality ballroom dance shoes. Salsa shoes come in every imaginable color and texture. We guarantee, you’ll keep—and love—and wear—a good quality ballroom shoe for years!

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