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How to Dress for Graduation – Sparkle Prom Fashion Blog

How to Dress for Graduation? Plan what to wear! Your last “homework assignment” is to look & feel fabulous on graduation day.

Not only do you want to look gorgeous, but it’ll be a day packed with festivities. Here are some tips to help you have a positively memorable commencement:

 How to Dress for Graduation: Invest in a Tiny Cross-Body Clutch

Choose something that you’ll love to wear on dates and other get-togethers in college and even beyond. Keep it small & sleek so it doesn’t bulk up your robe. All you need to carry are your keys, phone, camera (or smartphone that’ll take pix), I.D. and money – either cash or a debit card.

Tip: Although you won’t need to carry cash on graduation day, do choose a bag that will hold what you’ll need for a night on the town.

Vintage Black Lacquer Clutch: etsy.com


7×7” Rhinestone Bag Source: poshmark.com


How to Dress for Graduation: What to Wear Under your Gown

Source: Buzzfeed

Graduation robes are already bulky. Don’t make yours billow even more by wearing  a full skirt .  Also, keep in mind that:

  • Long soft looks keep you cool
  • Short dresses show off your shoes

Yes, you can wear a long dress with your graduation gown!

Source: Sparkle Prom Fashion Blog

As long as it’s sleek, simple & classy, a floor length dress is a perfect choice to upscale your look on graduation day.

Note: A long dress is classier than a hi-low hem or a below-the-knee bodycon outfit!

For truly gorgeous graduation day dress ideas Click HERE to see our suggestions for Pastel Prom & Graduation Party Dresses


Important Tip for Choosing your Dress: Check the ceremony venue “weather” conditions

  • If commencement is indoors and you know the a/c runs cold, choose something warmer.
  • If your ceremony is outside, choose something that will keep you cool in almost-summer weather…
  • And take an umbrella:

Source: zooblu.com


How to Dress for Graduation: Skip the Stilletos but do Choose Dressy Shoes

75 Creative Graduation Photo Ideas: Shutterfly.com

You definitely want something fancier than ballet flats, sandals, and definitely stay away from sneakers—just this once! Try a pretty wedge, a classic pump either with a closed toe or a peep toe, or kitten heel sandals. Also, just like you did with your Prom shoes, break in your graduation day.

 Tip: Even if you’ll wear closed toe shoes, treat yourself to a pedicure. Then when you kick off your shoes at your party, your newly-graduated toes will be pretty.


How to Dress for Graduation: Upscale your Makeup…Just a Little

This pic is from a fabulous tipjunkie.com blog: Senior Picture Photo Ideas

Just like Prom night, you absolutely do not want to try out any dramatic hair or makeup looks for graduation day. You do need daytime makeup so that you’ll look good in pictures, both close up and those your proud family & friends take of you walking across the stage to get your diploma.

For ideas on makeup for graduation, check out our DIY Prom makeup primer. Prom makeup is intended to be dance-proof and last all evening. The same tips will keep you fresh and picture-pretty from commencement ceremony ‘til the last guest leaves your graduation party.

Tip: Use lighter colors for daytime makeup for your ceremony, then pack a bright lipstick and a palette of slightly deeper eye colors to glam up your look for your party!

 Click HERE to go to our blog DIY Prom Makeup Tips


 How to Dress for Graduation: Downscale your Jewelry

Don’t go overboard with jewelry. You want to look classy for commencement and pretty for your party. Here are some fun suggestions:

Graduation Theme Bracelet

Rose Gold Graduation Charm Bangle Bracelet: etsy.com


Silver Graduation Charm Bangle Bracelet: sweetblossomgifts.com


Graduation Theme Necklace 

Source: Sierra Metal Design



Source: Gift Maps


Fun Graduation Theme Earrings 

Clear Crystal Beads & Graduation Cap Earrings: etsy.com



School Colors Crystal Beads & Graduation Cap Earrings: etsy.com



Hand Stamped Silver Disk Graduation Cap Earrings: etsy.com


Go Bold & Wear Statement Earrings

Source: Sparkle Prom Fashion Blog

If you want to make a stunning fashion statement but still keep your cool, skip the bracelet and necklace and choose striking statement earrings.

HINT: This is a wonderful way to show off your college colors and still be classy. Just choose bright, oversized drop earrings in your school colors.

For ideas for absolutely amazing statement earrings, Click HERE for Prom Jewelry 2018: Unique Statement Earrings



How to Dress for Graduation: Keep your Hair Soft & Simple

Source: Life Hacks on Twitter

  • If it’s long, choose a loose hairstyle. Beach waves will look great, keep you cool, and hide the bobby pins for your cap.
  • If your hair is short, use a fancy clip to hold your graduation cap.



How to Dress for Graduation: Personalize your Cap

Source: Pinterest

Depending on the rules of your school, trick out your graduation cap to make it extra special. Stickers, fake flowers, glitter—all of these can make for a fun and fabulous graduation cap that’s definitely a keeper!

Fun idea: Have a Decorate Your Graduation Cap Get-together with your BFFs.

Here are some ideas for when to schedule the fun:

  • The day before commencement – Trick out your cap and then trick out your mani or pedi
  • A day during the week between the end of school and the ceremony
  • Senior Ditch Day
  • Throw a real party with everybody—guys and gals. What a fun “last big blowout of high school” with your crushes!
  • After your graduation party. What better way to end your high school career than an evening of pizza, snacks, and decorating your cap with your BFFs!

For some of the best tricked out grad cap ideas ever, Click HERE for collegefashion.net’s Creative Graduation Cap Ideas


Fun Blog: Graduation Cap & Gown Etiquette

Source: Oak Hall Cap & Gown

Check out this blog from Oak Hall Cap & Gown. It’s got a lot of fun info like why we wear caps & gowns in the first place:

“It [wearing caps & gowns] all started in the often unheated buildings of the middle ages, long gowns were necessary for scholars to ward off the cold.”

Click HERE to read the entire, very fun article.


Hysterically Funny Blog:

Source: Buzzfeed

You have to read this buzzfeed blog! 20 Foolproof Ways to Win at Graduating

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Congratulations on your Graduation!

Now, Get Out There & Rule Your World, Girl!

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