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Prom Season Primer: the Hottest Hair & How to Get It

Just as important as that lovely dress, choosing the perfect hairstyle is critical to making you shine at prom. Many girls spend hours and hours trying to decide how to do their hair, so we’re here to give you a jumpstart with the 3 hottest hairstyles as well as tips and tricks on how to choose the look that’s perfect for you and how to get that look with less hassle.

Hot Hairstyles for Prom Season

1. The Elegant Bun

Hair swept away from the face and pulled up into a neat bun is nothing short of classy and is perfect if you want to rock an Audrey Hepburn vibe! This is an especially great look for those who don’t want to keep fixing their hair in the middle of prom. Because a bun may look too severe if matched with ultra-sophisticated makeup, try some variations. Wispy tendrils will soften the overall look, and a looser knot—known commonly as “a messy bun”—that looks like it’s about to become undone will make you look like you casually piled your hair in a mess on top of your head at the last minute while still looking oh, so put together.

2. Hollywood Hair

Super sculpted and splendidly shiny—that’s Hollywood glam! Picture yourself with perfectly curled tendrils framing your face and a glossy mane that catches the light from every angle. Best paired with fire engine red lips and dramatic eyebrows, this style will make you look like a celebrity, indeed! You can choose between curled hair cascading down your shoulders, or a full or partial updo with the front part curled at the side of your face.

3. Beach Goddess Waves

Prom goers who aren’t into made-up looks will love beach goddess waves. You’ll look the part of a weekend warrior turned glam in your stunning dress with healthy hair flowing over your shoulders. To achieve this look, work the lower half of your hair through the biggest barreled curling iron you can find. The bigger the curls, the softer the look.

Better yet, why not douse your hair with salt water spray and put it up in a bun a few hours before prom? Then just before you’re ready to go, take it down, run your fingers through it and add a spritz of hairspray. People will think you just popped in for the party after an afternoon at the beach.

If you want the beach vibe without fear of your hair looking like a lion’s mane by the end of the night, try starting the top with a loose French braid—to keep it close to the scalp—and then tie it off midway. This will leave the lower ends still in cascading waves down your back.

Top Tips for a Flawless ‘Do

Hair needs TLC and the right products to achieve your dream hairstyle. The best way to achieve your perfect look is to know how to prep your hair and then ensure that it will stay looking its best until you get home.

  1. Work with your hair: As much as possible, it’s best to choose hairstyles that won’t fight your natural hair. That’ll shave minutes, if not hours, off your styling session. For example, if you already have curly hair, then curly prom hairstyles will be the easiest way to go.
  2. If you go bold, then use good hold: If you really want to wear a hairstyle that goes against your hair’s natural tendencies, make sure the hairstyle has a good hold. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to experiment. If your hair is stick-straight and you think beach goddess waves are just right for prom, give it a shot! Just make sure that it won’t turn flat midway through the night. Invest in the right holding cream, wax, gel, etc. If you think your curly hair should look sleek and straight for prom night, make sure you straighten it carefully with a straightening iron so the natural waves won’t curl up later on.
  3. Pay attention to accessories: It’s all the rage to have fake lashes for your eyes and extensions in your hair. You can probably do without, but adding one or both will give you that extra oomph. But you can also experiment with rhinestone spin pins and clips to hold your updo instead of the usual hairpins. Or try a beautiful silk hibiscus, gardenia or poppy pinned just above your low bun. These little details won’t steal the spotlight, but they will add to the look in their own way.
  4. Prep and protect your hair: Do whatever it takes to pamper your hair ahead of time so you can have a great hairstyle on prom night. Before letting your hair touch any iron or brush, apply the right products to protect and condition. Heat, styling techniques, and accessories can take a toll on your hair, so adding a product that will protect and then something afterward to restore are mandatory!

Top Trick: Complement your Face Shape

The general rule is to choose a hairstyle that’s the opposite of your face shape.

  • For a wide square face: Choose a hairstyle that’s loose and wavy and will give your face the illusion of soft curves while playing down its angles.
  • For a small oval face: Go with wispy tendrils for a bit of curl—oversized ringlets can overwhelm.
  • Study your face in the mirror:  Get an idea of its shape and imagine how certain hairstyles will look on you.
  • Download an app:  Find software that superimposes various hairstyles on a snapshot of your face so you can better see how a particular hairstyle will or will not work for you.

If you follow these tips and learn to fuse practicality with creativity, inject a bit of fun and playfulness, and exercise patience and concentration, you’ll definitely end up with an attention-getting prom hairstyle that’ll look totally fabulous!

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