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Prom Skin Prep Part 1: Must-Do Skin Care Routine for Prom Night & All Year ‘Round – Sparkle Prom Blog

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t take a long, hard critical look in the mirror reasonably often? And if not the mirror, then certainly we’re usually pretty hard on ourselves when it comes to selfies.

The trick is to not focus on the flaws, but instead to look for how to make your skin healthier and more beautiful.

We’ll bet you know the basics, but here are the top tips and tools recommended by skin care professionals to help you take good care of your skin, not just between now and Prom night, but forever!


Calendar of What to Do & When:
Keep this cool little calendar in your bathroom so you know what you should do and when you should do it:
My Nightly Skincare Routine :):

Do the Daily 1-2-3
Do these 3 steps every morning and every evening—don’t ever skip. They’re super-easy and super-fast so no excuses, OK?!

  1. How to Cleanse & What to Use
  • Use liquid or cream cleanser—never bar soap
  • Choose one that matches your skin type (oily, dry or combination)
  • Follow the label instructions on how much to use
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse!
  1. Use a Toner & Why It’s a Must
  • Toner removes any residue left by the cleanser, especially around your hairline
  • Toner rebalances your skin’s pH (acid balance)
  • Toners that are a bit astringent can help neutralize the bacteria that cause pimples and blackheads
  1. Moisturize (yes, even if you’re “oily”)

Moisturizer is mandatory to keep the layers of your skin healthy because it:

  • Helps your skin retain moisture
  • Provides a protective barrier
  • Makes your face a better “canvas” for makeup application

Now Add the Skin Perfectors

  1. Mask (follow the chart please!)
  • Mask only twice a week
  • Mask at least 2 days apart

Choose the right mask for teenage skin:

  • Clay Mask: Absorbs oil, draws out impurities that can make pores look larger, removes dead skin cells, and can tighten and tone.
  • Hydrating Mask: Soothes, nourishes, and is a super-moisturizer.
  1. Exfoliate—Gently—andWhy

Homemade Green Tea Facial Exfoliator. Who knew a spa experience could be so simple? Four ingredients. Two minutes.

Exfoliation helps by:

  • Getting rid of dead skin cells
  • Activating blood circulation
  • Helps your skin to appear smoother & feel softer
  • Helps your other beauty treatments work better (because they don’t have to go through a layer of dead cells first)

How often to exfoliate & how:

  • No more than twice a week
  • Always, always be super gentle
  • Use our awesome exfoliation routine.

Check It Out: Here’s a fabulous recipe for a homemade exfoliator made with green tea:

  1. Serum (optional)

Our little chart for when to do the different treatments is meant “for women in general, ” but there are a couple of things you might not need until you’re older. One of these is serum.

Serum vs. Moisturizer—What’s the difference?

  • Moisturizer works from the outside of the skin to seal in moisture
  • Serum penetrates deeper to hydrate and/or heal the skin cells from the inside

IMPORTANT: Never use serum “just in case.”

  • The wrong serum can aggravate your skin
  • The wrong serum can cause problems
  • Only use serum on your doctor’s advice
  • Only use serum if your doctor refers you to a dermatologist or cosmetician
  1. Eyes (optional)

The very best “eye treatment” for young skin really is sliced cucumber!
Not Just an Old Wives Tale Putting cucumbers on eyes may sound like an old wives tale, but its medically proven to work. Cold cucumbers on puffy eyes really do soothe and reduce swelling. In fact, many high-priced eye products contain extracts that are chemically related to cucumbers, Dr. Tabor says. So head to that fridge and start slicing!

When to use cucumber slices:

  • While you’re waiting for your mask to dry
  • While you’re waiting for your serum to soak in
  • Anytime you want to kick back with cold slices of cucumber fresh from the refrigerator—one on each eye. Simple as that!
  1. Mandatory Every Day: Sunscreen!

What does SPF mean

#1 Belief to Break: You do not need “a nice tan for summer.”

Read the little chart above so you know when to reapply, but here are the bottom line basics:

  • Slather yourself with an SPF of at least 20-30 SPF
  • Choose a moisturizer with SPF
  • Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF
  • Choose a foundation with a minimum SPF 15-20


  • Use the regular moisturizer first
  • Apply the tinted moisturizer instead of foundation

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